Murder Nova is getting a diaper

The new Murder Nova is getting a diaper

More than a year ago, the whole world had its eyes set on one of the worst pandemics of the century and while everybody else was watching the news to see how bad things get, all we could think of is what will this mean to the fourth No Prep Kings season, and how it will affect our favorite sport.

You see, back then all of us hoped that this will all blow away as soon as the weather gets better and we will be able to get the season back on track with a short delay, so we won’t have to miss a year and wait until 2021 to watch some NPK.

Unfortunately, months came and went and the Corona stayed with us, meaning that our fears came to life and we had to miss the entire season of racing that we all had been waiting for.

We rode wave after wave of that monster and finally got to the point when the numbers started dropping and we were getting more and more excited by the day because deep down we all know that this could only mean one thing, there will be a season four of NPK very soon.

Now that it is finally upon us, we wanted to check out how our favorite racers are getting ready to hit the track and show us what they have been doing all this time, while their cars were stuck in the garage collecting dust.

The other day we showed you how and what was going on with Ryan Martin’s gray ZL1 Camaro, and what he was up to in order to make sure that he will be able to prove to everybody how fast his new car is.

This time we are bringing you a video made by the 187 Customs guys as they get the new Murder Nova ready for the fourth season of NPK.

To be honest, with a few days left before the race, we were expecting a much more frantic atmosphere and much more hustle around the car, however, it seems that Shawn, Phantom, and Monkey, have done their homework so the state of affairs was very relaxed since their car did not need tons of work before it left the garage to go racing.

Their car was nearly done, except for some mandatory safety upgrades.

Two guys putting a diaper on a car, might not sound like the best thing you would like to watch these days, however, if you let us explain, we promise you that it makes sense.

As you are well aware, racing engines under full power have the tendency to make a mess of themselves and make the parts that are supposed to stay inside, come out for air. In the process of doing so, they tend to soil themselves and leak oil on the track, which is one of the things that do not belong there, so in order to keep the oil off the track, an oil pan diaper is installed.

Well, it seems that this was one of the most important things that the new Murder Nova was missing, and to remedy this, Shawn purchased the above-mentioned part, and after some hustle and with Monkeys help, he managed to put it on the car.

Timing issues, lack of oil pressure, and a broken rear wing are some of the other things that these guys will be taking care of during filming so make sure that you check out their newest video.