What is the history of WheelCovers.Com?

The history of WheelCovers.Com is deeply rooted in a family business that started over 43 years ago. Originally named Hubcaps Unlimited, it began with the simple idea of providing hubcaps and wheel covers to customers. The business was initially operated from a three-car garage, evolving significantly over time through the dedication and hard work of the founding family.

In the 1990s, Hubcaps Unlimited was one of the first in its industry to establish a website, expanding its reach nationwide. This online presence allowed customers to easily order products, a significant shift from the previous practice of searching through junkyards.

A pivotal moment came in 2013, when Rick Dynek Jr. purchased the business from his parents. Under his leadership, WheelCovers.Com was launched, reflecting a more professional and modern approach to online business. This new website, conceptualized by Rick Jr., aimed to be the easiest to navigate, most graphic and content-rich, and most secure in the industry, boasting the largest database of its kind globally.

Today, WheelCovers.Com continues to operate as a family-owned business in the United States under the leadership of Rick Dynek Jr. and his family. It stands as a testament to the success and growth that can stem from a small family business【†source】.