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Who is WheelCovers.Com ?

WheelCovers.Com, initially known as Hubcaps Unlimited, is a well-recognized supplier in the automotive industry, specializing in hubcaps and wheel covers. The company started over 43 years ago with the simple idea of providing these two items to customers. It began its journey in a modest three-car garage, using just...
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What is the history of WheelCovers.Com?

The history of WheelCovers.Com is deeply rooted in a family business that started over 43 years ago. Originally named Hubcaps Unlimited, it began with the simple idea of providing hubcaps and wheel covers to customers. The business was initially operated from a three-car garage, evolving significantly over time through...
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Just lost a hubcap? Now what?

No worries. Hubcaps Unlimited has been in business for over 43 years. You can shop directly with them now and get it shipped immediately. Family owned and operated they have dominated the market with the best service and selection. Couple that with competitive pricing and rocket fast shipping it...
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