C4575 2003 2004 2005 2006 Cadillac Escalade OEM Chrome Center Cap #9594878 #9594877 ESV Wheel Cover Hubcap Hub Cap

C4575 Cadillac Escalade OEM Chrome Center Cap #9594878

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 OEM Genuine Factory Cadillac Escalade Chrome Center Cap 4575 4584

C4575 Cadillac Escalade OEM Chrome Center Cap #9594878 #9594877 ESV Wheel Cover Hubcap Hub Cap

Fits the Wheels Shown and should have the numbers match either of these two on the back of center cap #9594878 or #9594877

Centers were taken out of our sets of New Takeoff Wheels and are in NEW CONDITION Wheel Hub Center Cap is a direct fit for the following:2003-2006 Cadillac Escalade
2003-2006 Cadillac Escalade EXT
2003-2006 Cadillac Escalade ESV 
Fits the two wheels pictured 17″ 7 Spoke OEM Chrome Wheel 20″ 9 Spoke OEM Chrome Wheel Genuine GM Part Number: 09594878

9594878 9594877

Product ID: C4575
Product: Center Cap (Single)
Material: Plastic
Finish: Chrome
Size: 7 3/4 Inch Diameter
Indents: 9594877
OE Part Number: 9594878

Notes: ONLY Fits Wheels Pictured to Right.

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No Prep Racing has become the hottest scene in motorsports

No Prep Racing has become a phenomenon in the last couple of years. “Street Outlaws” started this fire back in 2013, and it keeps burning hotter, some 5 years later. We now have a new spin off show “No Prep Kings” that has grown as quick, if not quicker then it’s predecessor. The cars are engineering marvels boasting  big horsepower, as they drink high octane fuel, and spit fire for 660 feet with each race. The drivers are celebrities, and the racing are battles reminiscent of the WWF of decades gone by. People have their favorites, and not only promote, with shirts, hats and hoodies, but defend them at all costs. But there is a backstory, to this high octane inferno, not only the people behind the wheel, but the crews, families, and friends that support them.


No Prep Racing

My wife and I witnessed this first hand, at the recent NPK (No Prep Kings) in Norwalk, OH. I happen to catch up with a fan favorite from Texas. Ronnie Pace, aka “Barefoot Ronnie” a true legend in the street racing community, who currently owns 2 race cars, a 2nd gen Nova and 1st gen Camaro . Ronnie found himself in a predicament, as both his cars were out of service, as they needed parts for repair. Unfortunately, the parts were in high demand, and unavailable. Ronnie’s wife Emerald, put out an APB for not parts, but a car that Ronnie could drive, so they could keep their current points standing in the NPK leaderboard. Enter Kelvin Brown from Tennessee, a true street racer in his own right, and the owner of a beautiful black 66′ Chevy Nova (Chevy II) named “Ruby.” In a world of big cubic inches, and multiple power adders equating to staggering horsepower ratings up to 3500hp. Ruby seemed to be an underdog. sporting “only” a 450 cubic inch small block, and 2 stages of NOS as Kelvin explained to me, while installing new plugs. But this seemingly underpowered contender, skillfully driven by Barefoot Ronnie, had enough to beat  Street Outlaw “Jerry Johnston” aka “Monza” in his black 2nd gen Camaro, a twin turbo big block literally “dwarfing” the engine in Ruby. Ronnie was now past round 1, and into round 2, where he would face off against “The Godfather” Barry Nicholson. Unfortunately, big cubic inches and more stages of NOS got the better of Ruby, and Ronnie’s driving duties were now over at this NPK event.

No Prep Racing

Thanks to a self less act from a friend, and fellow racer. Ronnie and Emerald Pace, were able to not only attend, but race in this new and wonderful form of drag racing…NO PREP !!!

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