Wheel Simulators – Buyers Beware

So you are in the market for wheel simulators and with so many choices you cannot figure it out. The bottom line is start with a source that specializes in them but more importantly one that has been around for awhile. Nowadays Ebay and Amazon is full of basement dwellers drop shipping and have little or no experience or knowledge of what they sell other than what they make when they sell. Others are just over glorified garages they call warehouses and such. Hubcaps Unlimited has been around since the 70’s and finally opened up as a full scale business in 1980. Family owned and operated still today they specialize in wheel simulators and only offer the best. Only expect the best grade of stainless and quality as well as finish. ┬áIf you cannot just swing into their shop locally in Milwaukee you can also visit them online at WheelCovers.Com and if you cannot find what you are looking for simply call them at 1-800-858-0039. They offer the best quality products available today. GM Licensed Wheel Simulators as well as both polished stainless and chromed stainless for an even shinier appearance. Featured in nearly every Tow and RV magazine in circulation they are the choice of hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

Hubcaps Unlimited – WheelCovers.Com

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