This is hard work. It is easy to say it cannot be done; it is even easier to sit on the sidelines to wait and see what happens. But this is too important to put off any longer. This is about the security of our homeland, the safety of your family and loved ones, and the pride of our nation.

This is our moment. We ask you to join us and unite for a common cause – a demand that our first responders be treated with the proper and deserved respect, and that they be given the appropriate tools to protect and secure our homeland. If you feel the same energy we do, the same sense of urgency, that same drive and passion we do, then we have absolutely no doubt that all across this great country of ours – we will unite and demand that this vehicle be built to protect and serve in our communities across the nation.

The team at Carbon Motors has given our blood, sweat and tears forcing this special Machine into reality – against all odds, and against all the naysayers and bystanders. The E7 will soon be available to share with all of you.

We would be honored and privileged to have you stand with us.

William Santana Li
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Carbon Motors Corporation


“One thing that has become clear since 2001 is that an effective homeland security strategy demands new solutions to old problems, and Carbon Motors is taking up that challenge. The E7 not only provides greater officer safety and efficiency, it also saves taxpayer money. By improving fuel economy by over 40 percent the more police departments that adopt the E7, the more money we can put directly into critical new law enforcement resources.” – The Honorable Lee H. Hamilton

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