Enter the E7 AKA “THE MACHINE”


A Drive For Pure Justice

Homeland Security

Gone are the days of your Chevrolet, Ford, or Dodge cars
only identified by not having hubcaps.
More than 8 years after 9/11 our country’s 840,000 law
enforcement first-responders continue to utilize inconsistently
outfitted retail passenger vehicles meant for consumer use
which do not provide the safety and performance capabilities
appropriate to protect our homeland against threats, both
foreign and domestic; 3,500 law enforcement professionals
across all 50 states, at the local, state, and federal levels, helped
design the Carbon E7 to address their specific needs in the field.

Protect and Serve

The Carbon E7 provides interagency solutions, and will have a material and positive effect on every town, city, county, state, airport, college campus, port, street, high value target, and highway across the country.

Threat Detection

In order to protect against both foreign and domestic threats, Carbon’s E7 will utilize weapons-of-mass-destruction sensors, automatic license plate recognition, infrared cameras and its proprietary On-board Rapid Command Architecture (ORCA™).


The Department of Defense spends billions of dollars funding specialty vehicles for the military. Fire departments, emergency medical services and mail carriers all operate task-specific vehicles. Carbon’s E7 is the world’s first purpose-built law enforcement patrol vehicle.


The key to responding to, and taking control of any disaster is effective communications. Carbon’s E7 acts as a new homeland security platform upon which modern communications systems may be deployed to act as a node for more effective and reliable interoperability.


The 75,000 new vehicles purchased by law enforcement agencies annually start out as retail passenger cars never intended for the demands of police work, and are haphazardly retrofitted with a plethora of equipment installed on an aftermarket basis. These modified vehicles are never subjected to crash tests necessary to determine compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) – a level of safety our families enjoy but is not provided to our women and men in uniform. The Carbon E7 will not only meet or exceed all FMVSS requirements with all law enforcement equipment efficiently integrated into the vehicle from the factory; it is also designed to meet a 75-mph rear impact crash.

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OEM Carbon Motors Corporation
Vehicle Platform Codename E7
Brand Carbon Motors
Nameplate To Be Determined
Assembly Location Connersville, Indiana
The Police Car Capital of the World
Price Comparable to Retail Passenger Car Outfitted with Law Enforcement Equipment.
Engine Forced Induction Diesel
Recommended Fuel Ultra-low sulfur (ULS) Diesel
Driveline Rear-Wheel-Drive
Horsepower > 250 bhp
Torque > 400 lb-ft
Transmission Multi-Speed Automatic
Front Brakes 14″ Vented Discs, ABS
Rear Brakes 13″ Vented Discs, ABS
Wheels 19 x 8″ Steel
Tires 245/55R19
Front Suspension Struts, coil springs, anti-roll bar
Rear Suspension Multi-link, coil springs, self-leveling shocks, anti-roll bar
Wheelbase 122.0″
Front Track 66.9″
Rear Track 66.9″
Overall Length 200.0″
Overall Width 78.0″
Overall Height 64.2″
Ground Clearance 7.0″
Curb Weight 4000 lbs
Weight Distribution (front/rear) 50% / 50%
Front Headroom 40.0″
Rear Headroom 38.5″
Front Legroom 45.0″
Cargo Volume 20.0 cu ft
Fuel Capacity 18.0 gallons
0 – 60 mph 6.5 seconds
Quarter Mile 14.5 seconds @ 98.0 mph
Top Speed > 150 mph
Braking 60 – 0 mph 125 feet
Lateral Acceleration 0.85 g
Combined City/Hwy Fuel Economy 28 – 30 mpg
All-new purpose-built vehicle platform exclusively for law enforcement

  • Meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements
  • Turn-key built-to-direct-order – 24/7/365 call center support
  • Turn-key end-of-vehicle-life process
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Aluminum spaceframe body structure
  • 75 mph rear impact crash capability
  • Cockpit with fully-integrated factory fitted law enforcement equipment
  • Integrated emergency lights, spot lights, take down lights, and directional stick
  • Segment exclusive coach rear doors for safer suspect ingress and egress
  • Vehicle dynamic control
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Optimized approach / departure angles and ground clearance
  • NIJ Level III-A (or better) ballistic protection (front doors and dash panel)
  • Purpose-designed seat for use with on-body equipment – Heated and ventilated seats
  • Heads up display
  • Reverse backup camera
  • Remote start capability
  • Driver specific intelligent key
  • 360 degree exterior surveillance capability
  • Automatic license plate recognition system
  • Video and audio surveillance of rear passenger compartment
  • 130hz – 350hz bass siren
  • Nightvision compliant interior illumination
  • Integrated forward looking infrared system (FLIR)
  • Integrated shotgun mounts
  • Optimized storage capability (compartment and cargo)
  • Integrated front and rear passenger compartment partition
  • Hoseable rear passenger compartment
  • Integrated push bumpers and PIT capability
* Carbon Motors Corporation reserves the right to alter specifications at any time without notice due to business or technical improvements

The Need for a Purpose-Built Law Enforcement Vehicle

Did you know…

that law enforcement officers do not drive custom-made or purpose-built patrol vehicles?

The vehicles that law enforcement agencies use today are retail passenger cars that were never designed for heavy-duty law enforcement usage. Needed law enforcement equipment (such as lights, sirens, radios, cameras, etc.) is then purchased and installed, or ‘upfitted’, to a retail passenger vehicle in the after-market.

Think about it. Firefighters, emergency medical responders, military personnel, mail carriers, and garbage collectors all drive vehicles tailored to the specific needs of their jobs. Shouldn’t the men and women who protect and serve our communities and police our streets deserve a vehicle that will not only keep them safer but help them to perform their jobs more effectively?

Under the current system, law enforcement agencies have no economies of scale in purchasing vehicles, equipment or maintenance services. In addition to purchasing its own fleet of vehicles from a local car dealer, each law enforcement agency is responsible for purchasing the emergency equipment from a multitude of vendors located all over the world. This is why the cost of a fully equipped law enforcement vehicle can total over $80,000.

These costs keep piling up even when it’s time to retire a vehicle. When a law enforcement vehicle reaches the end of its useful life, it must be decommissioned. In order to do so, agencies must remove the vehicle from service, uninstall all of the emergency-related equipment, sometimes re-paint the car, and then sell the vehicle into the public domain.

Law enforcement agencies should be focused on protecting our communities�not overseeing these types of complex fleet management operations. There needs to be a simpler, more cost effective solution.

Carbon Motors will address all of these major issues with the Carbon E7 by providing a reliable, durable, affordable, high-performance patrol vehicle designed by law enforcement, for law enforcement.

Officer Protection and Safety

Did you know…

that approximately 50 percent of all officer injuries occur in the vehicles they drive. Causes for these injuries include not only crashes, but also poor ergonomics, limited space, and injuries stemming from the insertion and removal of combative subjects.

The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires crash testing of all vehicles sold in the United States. Unfortunately, there is no such requirement for additional testing once a vehicle has been ‘upfitted’ with after-market law enforcement related equipment. These adaptations are completed at the agency’s own risk. If these heavily modified versions of retail passenger cars were put through the proper tests, they most likely would not pass.

At the request of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Carbon Motors Corporation joined the Law Enforcement Stops and Safety Subcommittee (LESSS) alongside General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler LLC. The committee’s primary focus is on vehicle-related safety matters, which has provided Carbon additional a front-row view of the industry’s challenges on matters of officer safety.

Carbon Motors believes that a purpose-built vehicle produced to the specifications and quality of an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will yield significant safety improvements for first responders.

The Carbon E7 will meet or exceed all federally mandated safety and operational regulations right off the manufacturer’s line, with all law enforcement equipment installed. The result will be a vehicle that offers the highest level of protection, performance, and safety for the men and women charged with ensuring the safety of the American public.

Fuel Economy

Did you know…

that there are over 19,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States with a combined total of over 425,000 vehicles? These vehicles average only 8-14 miles per gallon and can sometimes drive up to 90,000 miles a year.

With this size fleet, this usage profile, and this type of outdated technology, it is estimated that law enforcement in the United States burns through 1.5 billion gallons of gasoline annually and emits over 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per year. And taxpayers are shelling out over $4 billion each year for fuel expenditures alone, a number that only increases as the cost of fuel rises.

Carbon Motors will use superior technologies to improve the performance and durability of a law enforcement vehicle, while also providing up to a 40 percent improvement in fuel economy. This will save taxpayer dollars while providing law enforcement first responders with the right technology for the critical task of securing our communities.

Purpose Built

Purpose-built/per-pes-bilt/: built for particular purpose. (Merriam-Webster)
Purpose-built/per-pes-bilt/: built to kick some butt (Carbon Motors)

The words “purpose-built” describe everything from fighter planes to military vehicles to postal delivery trucks – but not law enforcement vehicles. While the nation’s other first responders and public servants drive vehicles designed for the job, our 800,000 law enforcement first responders drive lightly modified retail passenger cars that were never designed to handle the rigorous, round-the-clock demands of law enforcement.

That is why Carbon Motors has designed the E7—the world’s first purpose-built law enforcement patrol vehicle, designed by law enforcement, for law enforcement.

The Carbon E7 has been designed to provide the highest levels of officer protection using world-class technologies and processes.


Internal Code Name: E7 aka “The Machine”

  • Fuel efficient 300 horsepower, 420 lb-ft of torque clean turbodiesel engine
  • Ergonomically designed cockpit, built with duty gear and the job in mind
  • Carbon’s proprietary On-board Rapid Command Architecture(ORCA)
  • Radiation, chemical and biological threat detection
  • 360° exterior surveillance audio and video capability
  • 180° interior rear compartment audio and video capability
  • Available automatic license plate recognition system
  • Optional integrated ballistic protection

These represent only a few of the dozens of requirements identified in our extensive nationwide research involving over 3,200 local, county, state, federal and special jurisdiction law enforcement agencies – The Machine is the answer to this overwhelming demand. The E7 will be the world’s first purpose-built law enforcement patrol vehicle.


The E7: A Superior Law Enforcement Vehicle

The E7 is engineered to protect officers, improve efficiency and reduce taxpayer burden.

Fuel Efficiency: A more efficient clean diesel engine and fuel system delivers an estimated 40 percent improvement in fuel economy compared to models currently in use by law enforcement.

Patrol Readiness: The Carbon E7 is ready to patrol upon delivery – including graphics, badging and striping – no additional costs or downtime for after-market product procurement and installation. Carbon Motors will also partner with major equipment suppliers for lights, sirens, prisoner transport seats, and other equipment, providing economies of scale not available in today’s ‘up-fitting’ environment.

Officer Protection: Unlike current off-the-line vehicles, the E7 is designed with officer safety and performance in mind, from the 75 mph rear impact crash capability to the integrated emergency equipment to the optional ballistic protection panels. The E7 is delivered without the safety risks associated with today’s ‘up-fitted’ solution.

Innovative Production Process: Our game-changing business model of pull-based manufacturing uses an integrated supply chain and produces vehicles to a direct order from a direct customer. This means our purpose-built vehicles can be offered at a price comparable to current ‘up-fitted’ passenger cars – but for a vastly superior product.

Lower Cost of Ownership: The total cost of ownership – purchase price, equipment options, fuel, maintenance and lifespan – of the E7 leaves other models in the dust. Built to withstand the rigors of law enforcement, and with the fuel efficiency of a clean-burning diesel engine, operating costs will be remarkably lower.


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