Chrome Wheel Skins

Behind the wheel

There are different accessories for cars that are being sold in the market. They are that many with almost the same function that one could have second thoughts on the need to buy them or not, one of which is a chrome wheel skin. Find out what chrome wheel skins are and how they are important.

What are chrome wheel skins?

Chrome wheel skins are designed to cover wheels just like hubcaps and wheel covers. But how do they differ from the mentioned thingamajigs?

Although some confuse them to be one and the same, each has its own appearance and function. Most hubcaps and wheel covers fit the wheels they are supposed to cover, but wheel skins do not because they totally change the wheel’s exterior with chrome. And unlike wheel covers, chrome wheel skins are designed for aluminum wheels and steel rally style wheels. It is called chrome wheel skin because it imitates or customizes a chrome wheel.

What are chrome wheels?

In order to know why chrome wheel skins are in demand, let us first understand what chrome wheels are. Chromium or chrome wheels are a type of alloy wheel that is said to be one of the most common wheel customizations because of their shiny and clean look. In fact, there are also other car accessories made of chrome such as door handles, mirrors and window screens.

Chrome wheels in particular are made of aluminum or steel and are plated with natural chromium, a type of element that makes it stronger. Aside from using chrome, wheels are either polished (aluminum wheels made shiny) or painted with either silver or black.

Car owners prefer chrome over steel because the former looks classy and expensive. Thus, chrome wheel skins were invented in the late 1990s in order to imitate chrome wheels.

Upgraded wheels

There is no one size fits all for chrome wheel skins. They are custom-made for every car model and make. One cannot tell the difference between a chrome wheel skin from a real chrome wheel without touching it and looking closely.

Chrome wheel skins can be easily attached in just a few minutes without the use of any equipment or tool by simply aligning it with the tire. There is also a hole for hubcaps. They are very thin and they come with metal clips that are attached to the tire to keep them from peeling off. Chrome wheel skins are durable, depending on where they are bought, that’s why it is important to go and see a trusted auto accessory dealer.

Why the need

More than dressing up your automobile, wheel skins are needed to cover tires that are rusted or worn out aiding in a better performance. They also guard the tire’s nuts and studs. They are a cheaper alternative to buying a real chrome wheel. They are also lightweight as they are made of plastic, although they do not look like one and do not easily tear off.

Where to buy

Aside from auto dealers, one can find a great deal of these blings online. However, extra caution should be observed when purchasing online, especially that you are not able to personally see the material. That is why it is necessary that you know the maker of your vehicle, its model and the year it was manufactured.

Different brands offer them including Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Subaru, Cadillac, Suzuki and Chrysler. It does not mean though that they are originally made by the said brands. They are aftermarket products or they are not original. Still, good quality is assured as long as they are bought from credible dealers. It would also be helpful to ask for a warranty.

Whether you are the type who is into upgrading his car or not, buying chrome wheel skins won’t hurt and will be worth it. Chrome wheel skins will not only make your car look high-end but safer in the end.