Carbon Motors Corporation

It’s Here. It’s Real.

Carbon Motors Corporation is a homeland security company focused on a highly specific mission: developing, manufacturing, distributing, and servicing the world’s first purpose-built law enforcement patrol vehicle. For some, it is exciting to see a bold new car which stirs the childhood dreams in every single one of us, and drives the passion for seeing the impossible made possible. For others, this is something more. A true symbol of a new day in America – an America that has clarity of purpose in clearly addressing the issues before us – homeland security, the energy crisis, and creating new American jobs.

“At the local, state and federal level, law enforcement is up against entirely new challenges that didn’t exist thirty years ago. That’s why we need to arm the men and women who protect our communities with the most up-to-date equipment. The E7 has the potential to meet that need, which would lead to safer and more effective patrol and policing operations and safer neighborhoods across America.” –The Honorable Thomas J. Ridge, former Secretary, Homeland Security

Most people have a lot of questions about our company and our vehicle. Carbon E7 is essential for today’s law enforcement.

If our Web site just isn’t enough, the Carbon Motors Pure Justice Tour is heading your way. Our concept demonstration vehicle will tour the country from Miami to Seattle and everywhere in between; we are finalizing our schedule, so be sure to sign up for updates! Law enforcement, elected officials and the public will be invited to see the E7 up close.

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