Wheel Covers

Riding cars with wheel covers

Boys talk about cars, even the intricate parts of it, as girls talk about make-up and other feminine stuff. While others perceive boys talking about the technical parts of their car boring or too hard to understand, being informed is beneficial even to lady drivers as it also speaks about one’s safety. Let’s start with wheel covers.

What are wheel covers?

If hubcaps also cover wheels, then what are wheel covers for? Wheel covers are car accessories made of metal or plastic, and are used to cover the entire wheel, while hubcaps only cover the center part of it.

Cars usually come with wheel covers when bought. In 1938, Cadillac covered the steel wheels of their cars with full sized wheel covers making them “the symbol of luxury and class.” Reports say that during the 1940s to 1970s, they were made of stainless steel or chrome. Plastic wheel covers came into the picture in the 1970s. The Chevy Monza was the first automobile to use it that had different colors. Nowadays, plastic is more used than steel to cover wheels.

Some wheel covers have a cable tie to keep them from being detached from the car’s steel road wheel either accidentally or on purpose. It has been reported that some wheel covers are stolen in other countries.

More than coverage

While wheel covers are usually known to be for decorative purposes, they are designed so as to circulate airflow. They are also said to lessen turbulence and prevent tires from a curb rash. So, it’s not just another accessory that will put your money to waste because it has a purpose.

Another advantage of wheel covers is that old tires look better when they are covered. In short, they alter the overall appearance of a car. Instead of getting a new tire, wheel covers can be a cheaper alternative for the meantime. But although aftermarket wheel covers are cheaper, don’t expect to see the trademark because this is how it goes with non-original products. Covering your tires will also protect them from wearing out easily from road trips and hot or wet climate.

Tire covers come in different designs. There are even some that are made to look like real tires as if they’re made from steel too.

Tips in buying wheel covers

Wheel covers also need to be replaced when they’re worn out and discolored such that you can no longer stand its look. They can be installed in just a few minutes and you can do the installation yourself.

When buying wheel covers, make sure to get ones that are of good quality. It is also important to choose a high quality retention system in order to prevent them from ripping off. Experts recommend the retention ring or steel spring because they are more secure.

And just like hubcaps, the size of a wheel cover is determined by what is written in the tire. It should also be remembered that aluminum alloy wheels are not designed to be covered by these wheel covers.

Taking care of your wheel covers

If they are not carefully maintained, what may happen to your wheel covers? Wheel covers may come off if they are not properly mounted on the wheel or they may loosen over time. From time to time, check if they are properly aligned with the tires. It will help to have your car regularly checked up. They should also be cleaned in a light manner with the use of the right cleaner, the same way as the tires.

Let chicks dig your car

As wheel covers have been discussed to be not solely for hiding wheels, it is important that wheels are also examined before covering them. They still have to be in good condition in order to avoid accidents and should be replaced when needed. Girls love not only boys with cars but boys who know how to take care of their big toys.